October 10, 2016

Weekending {Chicago Marathon!!}


Happy Monday, friends!!

This weekend was so eventful and wonderful, but it means Monday is far harder than I like it to be ūüėČ

This weekend was the Chicago Marathon, and it couldn’t have been more fun. AR was running his 4th marathon, and my little brother was running his 1st!


This was my first time ever attending a marathon as a spectator, and I feel like I get at !+ on that front. I made treats, had signs, and ran to different parts of the route throughout the day to cheer the men on.

On Sunday morning before the¬†race, my mom, friend, and brother’s fiance all met up. I dropped the guys off at the train station, and then the ladies made coffee & homemade cinnamon rolls (I used Paula Dean’s recipe) before heading out to cheer on the runners. My apartment is right on the race route, which made cheering even more fun. [Note our excellent signs, haha ūüėČ ]



We met them at the end just before the finished. By that point, we had walked over 5 miles.

Confession: Post-race, I discovered the Giuliana Rancic was cheering people on less than a HALF OF A MILE from me and I missed her. I am utterly devastated by this news. Next year.

I have a new respect for the spectators – it is tough work. But look at how excited the guys were!





So proud of our men for the awesome race! The weather was perfect and we couldn’t have asked for a better day. If you are ever on the fence about doing a marathon, I can’t recommend the Chicago Marathon enough. Its so well run, and the city really comes out to cheer for everyone.

You can read our Chicago Marathon 2014 recap here [spoiler: He proposed]
You can read why I deferred the 2016 race here!

Have a great Monday, and thank you for hosting the link-up, Biana!

October 7, 2016

Lately// from Chicago


I’m alive!

The last few days have been a total whirl-wind. Thank you for all of your well-wishes on our moving news! We ended up moving in last weekend to give me a head start on unpacking before my job starts. AR went back to work in Atlanta and left me with all the boxes (thanks, Boo), but I’m just about done.

So many exciting things:

|I passed the bar exam|Results came out at 6:00pm on Friday night, while movers were climbing up the stairs into my new home. This was much earlier than expected. I was so sleep deprived and exhausted that all I could do was cry from relief. I yelled to AR, called my bff (who is still waiting on results), and we popped champagne in our new place. Talk about an eventful day.

|I am in love with our new neighborhood| I’ve spent countless hours walking outside and soaking in our new area. It is so perfect for where we are right now, and I couldn’t be happier. We confined our apartment search to three neighborhoods, and I think we are in the right spot. I can even walk to work!


|I tried a new salon and it wasn’t a disaster| Anyone else get nervous¬†when it comes to changing hair salons? One of my big stressed with¬†moving to Chicago was finding a new salon. I asked some bloggers on instagram (thanks Lauren!) and made an appointment with Jenna at Dennis Bartolomei. I couldn’t be happier with my color and can’t wait to go back next month.

|We are getting unpacked| AR comes back into town today, and we will sift through a few more boxes. I am so thankful for my dear friend and mom for coming over to help me. Those ladies had my home in order in no time! Below is a sneak peak of our new living room – don’t you love those windows???


|Chicago Marathon| This weekending is the Chicago Marathon, and it is bittersweet. I thought this would be my 4th marathon – maybe even a pr – but I’m not even running the race (my doctor and I decided I should defer my entry after my stress fracture in July). But I am excited to cheer on AR and my little brother. I’ve got a fantastic post-race brunch planned, and all my viewing spots are marked off!

Any good race sign suggestions?? My friend is coming over to make posters for the race!
Sending thoughts & prayers to everyone in Matthew’s path. Be safe, lovelies!
September 28, 2016

10 Things I will Miss About Atlanta

p025{my favorite ATL photo of us}

Atlanta has been good to us. I’d only visited once when we decided to move here. I came to tour the law school in March, we looked at apartments in June, and moved in July. But the last three years have been wonderful and we so enjoyed it.

My list is half tourist, half sentimental. Our move to Chicago is exciting, but there will always be a warm spot in my heart for the city we got married in. This is the first place we lived together. Its where we first planned our life together. And thats special.

|1| Piedmont Park

We live right in Midtown Atlanta, and the park is one of our favorite things. We go there for walks, runs, picnics, events, and the weekly farmers market. We visit several times a week and its a great way to get away from the city.


|2| The Beltline.

The Atlanta Beltline is a project that really hadn’t started when we got here. The city is taking old train tracks and turning them into running paths, that will eventually go around the entire city. Some day¬†they will place a high speed rail along the path, but for now it is the wonderful trail. The city art councils have placed art along the path as well, which makes for a fun walk. We connect up with the trail at Piedmont Park and run a few miles on the weekend.

|3| Walking by our Wedding Venue

We got married at the Biltmore Ballrooms in Midtown. We had walked by the building so many times, and I loved having all of our family right in our neighborhood. Its also been fun to reminisce about our day over the last year when we walk by the Biltmore, and I will miss seeing the constant reminder of our wedding day.


|4| The restaurant scene

Atlanta’s food scene is awesome. While we have lived here, Midtown and West Midtown have just blossomed into such great food places (and yes, those are two different neighborhoods). I’m working on a full post of favorites, but the ones that immediately come to mind are Ecco, No. 246, and Antico. So many favorite spots.


|5| Emory University

I love living in the city as an Emory alum. I see other alumni everywhere I go, and its a fun connection. I feel like the legal community in Atlanta is really small, and having the Emory connection makes it feel even closer.


|6| The Junior League

I plan to transfer my Junior League membership, but the Chicago Junior League will have to work hard in comparison to the Atlanta league! I’ve been a member¬†3 years and I absolutely love it. Sometimes the time commitment is a lot, but I’ve enjoyed the friends and connections I’ve made. If you live in a city with a Junior League, I cannot recommend joining enough! Its really given me a sense of community and some great friendships.

|7| The Peachtree Road Race

Atlanta doesn’t have a Fourth of July Parade – It has the Peachtree, which is the world’s largest 10k. It is probably the best race I have ever run, just because there are so many spectators. The course isn’t out and back, or even a loop – you take the train to the start line, and run 6.2 miles from Buckhead down to Midtown, ending at Piedmont Park. People cheer the entire way, some passing out beers or snacks, some signing songs or chant. Its hysterical. Many people run in costume and it is just a wonderful event.

I think we will probably fly back for it next summer ūüôā


|8| Spring in Atlanta

Atlanta’s spring is everything, y’all. The trees are just gorgeous. AR says it rains too much, but I have Hunter rain boots, so #dontcare ūüėČ In March, when its still disgusting in Chicago, I will miss the pretty trees of Atlanta big time.

|9| The Holiday Lights at the Botanical Gardens

We live within walking distance of the Botanical Gardens, and seeing the holiday lights each Christmas has become a tradition. We smuggle in hot chocolate from the near by Caribou Coffee and have the best time looking at the lights in the park. If you live in Atlanta, add this to your holiday season!

We also love the High Museum and the Fernbank (we are members of both!) and plan to join the museums in Chicago. Both the High and Fernbank stay open late for adults on Friday nights, and we love going as a relaxing Friday night activity.


|10| Our friends

Its funny. When you move to a new city, you feel like you know no one. Its lonely and overwhelming. And then one day, you realize you actually have a group of friends that somehow developed along the way. As we say good bye to our friends here, we have been overwhelmed by how great our network is. 

We are going to miss them. 

Whats the hardest part about moving?
How do you stay in contact with long distance friends? 
September 26, 2016

Weekending {big news for our family}

Happy Monday friends! I’m linking up with Biana to usher in the first full weekend of fall. The fact that October starts next weekend leaves me speechless.

Our weekend was filled with football (please don’t mention the LSU game), outdoor walks, time with friends, and packing boxes, because…

we are moving to Chicago!!!

Several things happened, including a great job opportunity for me in Chicago, and we decided now was the time to move. Chicago is where I went to college, and only an hour from my family. Its also where I grew up and somewhere AR & I have always loved.

On past trips to Chicago, AR would always say “I could live here,” and I can’t tell you how often I have missed it. So when an opportunity to move back presented itself, we decided to go.

We start the move this weekend, and will continue the transition throughout October. It happened fast, but we are running with it.

Y’all, I have so many emotions. I love Atlanta. I love my friends here, I love our life here. Leaving this is going to be hard. Atlanta was good to us. But I’m also ridiculously excited about being back in Chicago. I love our new home there (hello, third-floor brick walkup right in the city), and I’m looking forward to the changes Chicago will bring to our life.

But on to the weekend

|We packed boxes| Over the weekend, we packed a TON of boxes and took 4 trips to the Goodwill donation center. Note to the world: your first move post-wedding is really overwhelming because you have a lot of stuff. Its been a fun walk¬†down memory lane, and I’ve gotten so good about throwing things out. We are starting to emerge from the my-home-is-a-disaster stage, which is a relief.


|BBQ| We went to a BBQ/football party with friends on Saturday night. I made chocolate fudge brownies with icing – and saved extra icing for my refrigerator. #packingsnack


|Coat shopping| Our current wardrobes are no where near ready for the winters in Chicago… I haven’t lived up north in over 5 years, and AR’s never lived north of the mason-dixon line (my sweet southern man). We made a trip to the mall on Friday night after dinner and found a beautiful dress coat for AR. Now we only need about a million more other things. Suggestions welcomed.¬†

|Walks in the park| I took several walks through our neighborhood over the weekend and tried to soak in the last¬†warm days. And I promise I only cried once! I will miss living so close to Atlanta’s most beautiful¬†park, but I am happy our new home has access to lots of green space.


Thanks for reading, and please, if you have any advice for the move, let me know! I’ll be sharing pictures of our journey on instagram throughout¬†the week if you want to follow along ūüôā

Have a happy Monday!