January 16, 2017

Monday Links & the Weekend

Happy Monday! I’m off today (whoo hoo!) and have a whole list of things planned. Most importantly, I am planning on taking a massive stack of clothing to alterations (it is so out of control right now). I’m also looking forward to trying a new coffee shop with a friend, and picking up my law degree from the framing shop.

Our weekend was fun. If you follow me on insta, you saw that we had a romantic date night at Whole Foods on Friday night. Honestly, we love grabbing wine and walking slowly through the store without the weekend crowds. Are we pathetic???

We met up with friends for brunch on Saturday morning, and sat and chatted until the restaurant closed. Afterwards, we walked home down Michigan Avenue (and made a few purchases), before going to dinner at a friends house. My step counter logged 7 miles – and that did not including my run that morning! My poor little feet sure take a pounding with all this walking.

How was your weekend? And goals/plans for your Monday? 


Monday Browsing

+ I was looking for some tips on roasting a whole chicken this weekend and found this guide on the NYT. Its awesome.

+ Similarly, bon appetit magazine has a new cooking without recipes section that is so helpful.

+ I bought this tote as a lightweight travel/office bag and I am obsessed. I don’t know if I can ever go back to my heavy leather totes!

+ As a new Chicago resident, this article on making new friends hit home.

+ Tonight’s dinner: Thai Peanut Chicken with broccoli and brown rice!

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