March 13, 2017


-pretty street views on a sunday morning walk-

Hey friends, long time no chat! Yes, I am still alive and chugging here in the windy city. This winter has been so anticlimactic. We’ve barely had any snow, and last week the weather went from 70* to 20*. #nothankyou

So then I thought, “wow, its so nice out, I should run a race.” Now we are getting 6 inches of snow over the next two days, and I have a 10 mile race on Saturday. So this will be fun.

I’m sharing my favorites from this weekend – and the last few! My friend from law school came and stayed over last weekend, and we had a blast.

Watching// Winter is obviously the best time to binge watch some shows. We’ve been working through House of Cards on the weekends, and are finally ready for season 5 when it comes out (I think in May?). I’m still going through withdrawals from the Good Wife. Has anyone watched The Good Fight? is it good? 

Reading// I just finished The Year of Cozy and loved it. Buy it and enjoy planning for every season. I’m reading Megyn Kelly’s newest book, Settle for More. She chronicles her experiences with Trump in the election and it is fascinating.

-salads at sweetgreen

Eating// Oh friends, meal planning has taken a whole new meaning. I’m cooking in batches like crazy to prep for lunches during the week, and also cooking at least one dinner in advance each weekend. I’m planning a whole post on east meal prepping, so watch for it.

This Sunday I went meal planning crazy, and made chili, a large pan of black bean and chicken enchiladas, and a chicken & spaghetti casserole. Plus salads to have for lunch this week. 4 hours later, my meals are all ready to go in the oven each night.

-brunch at the Allis– 

I totally confess that we eat out way more in the city. Take out options are just so good 😉 This weekend we had tacos and guacamole from Tallboy Taco on Sunday night. Their kale salad and queso is awesome.

Let’s not talk about the girl scout cookies I am also eating. Moving on.

Workouts// For the first time post-stress fracture, I am back into a good running groove! I am running about 5 days a week, with a couple days of strength training. Training for this race has really helped me stay disciplined on the running front. In fact, I’m considering a half marathon in May to help me keep up with the training.

-favorite running path-

+ Do you prep your lunches each week? or go out?

Have a good Monday – thanks for hosting, Biana


  1. Oh my goodness, I can’t believe how crazy the weather has been for you guys! Hoping it clears up before your race this weekend. Running and snow are two of my least favorite things. That brunch looks AMAZING though! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Your meal planning has put mine to shame girl!! I hope the race is a success for you this weekend and the snow isn’t as bad as they think!! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

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