March 27, 2017

Weekend Highlights {3.27}

Hey all – Happy Monday! Sharing some highlights from our weekend adventures below. How was your weekend?

Thanks to everyone who sent good vibes for my race last weekend. I survived the cold ūüôā With wind chill, it was under 30* when we started, and very wet… but no rain. I was super happy with my finish, and celebrated with chocolate chip pancakes. I am looking forward to a half marathon in May!

Back to this weekend:

|1| Drinks at The Game Room inside the Chicago Athletic Association

I met up with some ladies for happy hour drinks after work¬†inside the Chicago Athletic Association. No worries, you don’t have to be a member to go to the Game Room. The space is really fun, and filled with games like pool and shuffle board. The also have amazing lime popcorn.

Those floors are my fav, btw.

|2| #DateMe at the Up Comedy Club

On Saturday night, AR and I went to see a comedy show based on OKCupid dating profiles. If you’ve ever created an online dating profile – or lived vicariously through a friend’s online dating stories – the show is hysterical. We laughed so hard and loved the evening. [you can read more about the show here]

|3| Dinner at Chicago Q

After the show, we walked to Chicago Q, which is an upscale barbecue spot. Y’all. Seriously. So. Good.

They gave us pickles and chips when we sat down (and included a huge container of them in our to-go sack!). I had the pulled chicken salad, AR had ribs, and we shared cornbread and mac-n-cheese. Every bite was fantastic. I didn’t even have room for their chocolate cake! Next time.

|4| Cupcakes with a friend

Sunday was spent cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, and relaxing. One of my friends stopped by with cupcakes from Molly’s, and we sampled several flavors – Peach cobbler was by favorite!


Hope your Monday is starting well. I’m sipping coffee and rushing to work, but I’d love to hear about your weekend!

Any one have a spring race planned?? (so happy for better running weather!)

Thanks for hosting the link-up, Biana!

March 13, 2017


-pretty street views on a sunday morning walk-

Hey friends, long time no chat! Yes, I am still alive and chugging here in the windy city. This winter has been¬†so anticlimactic. We’ve barely had any snow, and last week the weather went from 70* to 20*. #nothankyou

So then I thought, “wow, its so nice out, I should run a race.” Now we are getting 6 inches of snow over the next two days, and I have a 10 mile race on Saturday. So this will be fun.

I’m sharing my favorites from this weekend – and the last few! My friend from law school came and stayed over last weekend, and we had a blast.

Watching// Winter is obviously the best time to binge watch some shows. We’ve been working through House of Cards on the weekends, and are finally ready for season 5 when it comes out (I think in May?). I’m still going through withdrawals from the Good Wife. Has anyone watched The Good Fight? is it good?¬†

Reading// I just finished The Year of Cozy and loved it. Buy it and enjoy planning for every season. I’m reading Megyn Kelly’s newest book, Settle for More. She chronicles her experiences with Trump in the election and it is fascinating.

-salads at sweetgreen

Eating// Oh friends, meal planning has taken a whole new meaning. I’m cooking in batches like crazy to prep for lunches during the week, and also cooking at least one dinner in advance each weekend. I’m planning a whole post on east meal prepping, so watch for it.

This Sunday I went meal planning crazy, and made chili, a large pan of black bean and chicken enchiladas, and a chicken & spaghetti casserole. Plus salads to have for lunch this week. 4 hours later, my meals are all ready to go in the oven each night.

-brunch at the Allis–¬†

I totally confess that we eat out way more in the city. Take out options are just¬†so good ūüėČ This weekend we had tacos and guacamole from Tallboy Taco on Sunday night. Their kale salad and queso is awesome.

Let’s not talk about the girl scout cookies I am also eating. Moving on.

Workouts// For the first time post-stress fracture, I am back into a good running groove! I am running about 5 days a week, with a couple days of strength training. Training for this race has really helped me stay disciplined on the running front. In fact, I’m considering a half marathon in May to help me keep up with the training.

-favorite running path-

+ Do you prep your lunches each week? or go out?

Have a good Monday Рthanks for hosting, Biana! 

January 16, 2017

Monday Links & the Weekend

Happy Monday! I’m off today (whoo hoo!) and have a whole list of things planned. Most importantly, I am planning on taking a¬†massive stack of clothing to alterations (it is so out of control right now). I’m also looking forward to trying a new coffee shop with a friend, and picking up my law degree from the framing shop.

Our weekend was fun. If you follow me on insta, you saw that we had a romantic date night at Whole Foods on Friday night. Honestly, we love grabbing wine and walking slowly through the store without the weekend crowds. Are we pathetic???

We met up with friends for brunch on Saturday morning, and sat and chatted until the restaurant closed. Afterwards, we walked home down Michigan Avenue (and made a few purchases), before going to dinner at a friends house. My step counter logged 7 miles Рand that did not including my run that morning! My poor little feet sure take a pounding with all this walking.

How was your weekend? And goals/plans for your Monday? 


Monday Browsing

+ I was looking for some tips on roasting a whole chicken this weekend and found this guide on the NYT. Its awesome.

+ Similarly, bon appetit magazine has a new cooking without recipes section that is so helpful.

+ I bought this tote as a lightweight travel/office bag and I am obsessed. I don’t know if I can ever go back to my heavy leather totes!

+ As a new Chicago resident, this article on making new friends hit home.

+ Tonight’s dinner: Thai Peanut Chicken with broccoli and brown rice!

January 11, 2017

5 Ideas for a Happier, Healthier New Year

I know everyone is over new years resolutions – I keep reading about setting new year “intentions,” and “words for the year.” I really love the idea of setting big picture goals and mindsets for the year, but I also think there is value is setting up small milestones of success along the way.

For example, one of my words of the year is “present.” I want to be present – not stressing about work, not looking at my phone, not thinking about what is next. However, I need some milestones along the way to help me reach this goal. Mine? 1) Set the phone in the bedroom at 8pm and don’t get it back out. I’ll check my work email once again before bed, but thats it. 2) I’ll leave an action plan at work each night when I go home, so I can shut my office door confidently.

If you are looking forward to a healthier, happier year, here are a few milestones to consider:

Take a walk each day: Maybe its around your office at 2pm. Maybe you go walk as soon as you leave work. Find time to take a walk before moving from your desk to your sofa.

Count your fruits & veggies: Counting calories isn’t worth it, in my opinion. Why? Because your body uses 200 calories of peanut butter differently than it uses 200 calories of buttercream frosting. So count your fruits and veggie servings each day, and aim for 5-7 servings.

Shut the lights off by 10:30 or 11pm: It may take a few weeks to get in a solid sleeping rhythm, but going to bed earlier will set you up for success.

Put your phone away: Set you phone to airplane – or off – when you get home at night. When you go out with friends, resist the urge to put your phone on the table and leave it in your bag.

Find a workout you love: If you hate working out, pick a new workout. No one said we all have to be runners/spinners/yogis – whatever. I hate spinning, so I don’t go. Even though its an awesome workout. keep trying things until you find something that works for you. And avoid what you don’t like, guilt free!

What are your goals for the new year?