August 25, 2016

Vacation Plans: Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip


A couple of months ago, AR and I were having cocktails at the bar down the street and we started talking about dream vacations. Iceland, Paris, and Africa all came up.

On both of our lists? A road trip on the pacific coast highway. 

Over the next couple weeks, we kept on talking about how much fun the road trip would be. Finally, we decided to look at tickets to California. After finding some great deals around Labor Day, we booked a flight into Los Angeles, and out of San Fransisco, with plans to stop along the way.

Since then, we have read a million articles on must-see Highway 1 destinations. We rented a car, found several hotels and AirBNBs in between, and I headed to another photography class to work on my landscape photos. California road trip, here we come! 

Our plan is to start in LA, and drive along Highway 1, stopping at Big Sur, Carmel, and finally, San Fransisco. We are packing comfy clothes and hiking shoes, with plans to see over 5 national parks while on the road. I’m looking forward to seeing the red wood trees at Mur Woods National Park, sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge, and exploring Big Sur.

If you have any road trip tips or California destinations, let me know!

I’ll be sharing my packing list and must-see spots as I go – feel free to follow along on Instagram! (username: Hannah.R.Roberts

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August 24, 2016

8 Kitchen Staples & How I Use Them Each Week


Today, I am sharing some of my kitchen staples – items that are always on my grocery list, no matter what is on our meal plan! I’m also sharing how I use these items throughout the week.

I cook at home a lot. If you’ve read my blog for long, you know I am also a pretty big fan of meal planning. We make dinner at home 5-6 days a week, and eat breakfast and lunch at home most days. While my dinners are planned in advance, I like to leave some staples in the kitchen for breakfasts, snacks, lunches, and easy dinners.

My go-to Kitchen Staples
  • avocados
  • bananas
  • quinoa
  • canned diced tomatos
  • nut butters (usually peanut and almond!)
  • frozen fruit
  • sweet potatoes
  • eggs
This is what I do with these items:

Avocados| Love these for avocado toast, or as a topped on almost any meal. Its also fun to throw together some guacamole as a dip while we are cooking together or when we have unexpected guests. We go through several avocados a week. Anyone else?

Bananas| Confession: I eat a banana a day. I eat these with nut butter for a snack, in oatmeal, on top of yogurt, or in a smoothie. If they start to look like they are going bad, I peel them, place them in a plastic bag, and freeze them for smoothies.

Quinoa| My grain of choice. I use this as a base for stir-fry, or along with dishes that normally require rice. In a pinch, I’ll cook it with almond milk and cinnamon for a creamy breakfast. Its also a yummy side when cooked with a can of diced tomatoes and broth.

Diced Tomatoes| So many recipes require these…. so I just keep them on hand. If veggies in the fridge look like they are on their way out, I’ll cook them with spices, onion, and the canned diced tomatoes for an easy veggie soup.

Nut Butters| If AR was writing this, he would tell you that I am obsessed 😉 I eat some every day. On toast, on a banana, whatever. A personal favorite? almond butter and cinnamon on top of a roasted sweet potato. These also make great fillers in smoothies.

Frozen Fruit| In addition to all the frozen bananas, I keep frozen berries and pineapple for smoothies. Sometimes our fruit is gone early in the week, so frozen fruit helps us avoid an extra trip to the store. Mixed with some almond milk and even a little protein powder, these make for a fresh and healthy meal when our refrigerator is looking empty.

Sweet Potato| My favorite food. Baked, roasted, mashed, whatever! We love to use these for a morning hash on the weekend, and top them with a fried egg (we just sauté a little bell pepper and onion with the sweet potatoes. so so good). These last forever in the pantry, but don’t store them with onions! 

Eggs| Eggs are my go-to protein for many meals. I love a frittata for an easy dinner, and we enjoy scramblers several times a week.

What are you kitchen must-haves?
I’d love to know any meals or items you recommend!

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August 23, 2016

DC Trip Favorites


Hello friends! I’m back from a wonderful weekend in Washington, DC. I had the best time visiting with my friend Kathryn from college, and she played the best hostess and showed me the city. Some of my favorites included:

Dinner at Vidalia on Friday night|| We enjoyed a great meal as part of Washington, DC Restaurant Week. The restaurant boasts a James Beard Award-winning chef and a southern inspired menu. I ordered a peach and heirloom tomato salad, along with a vegetable platter that included a fresh pea & farro risotto that was to die for. We split a flourless chocolate cake & a piece of pecan pie for dessert.


Drinks & views at POV|| This bar on the top of the W Hotel gave great views of the city at night while we sipped wine and chatted.


Exploring embassy row…. and finding the Obama’s new house!|| With a little googling and large coffees, we were able to pinpoint the Obama’s new home (with 9 bedrooms) on embassy row on Saturday morning. We had so much fun looking at the embassies and trying our hand at recognizing all the flags. Not to self – try to memorize more of them.

MKL Monument|| This monument was built after I lived in DC, so I hadn’t visited yet. Such an incredible place and must-see if you are in D.C.


Pancakes & flowers at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market || ohmygoodness… the $5 blueberry buckwheat pancakes were everything. We enjoyed them with coffee and sans syrup because they were that good. We may have had to roll ourselves to yoga class afterwords, but we didn’t mind.

Gorgeous exhibits at the newly renovated Renwick Gallery|| This art gallery was recently renovated and the exhibits are incredible. We braved a major rainstorm to visit and it was worth it.


Nutella cheesecake at The Cakeroom|| This spot is adorable and has some incredible treats. It took us way too long to decide, but we finally landed on nutella cheesecake and it was wonderful.

What’s your favorite DC spot?
August 19, 2016

Fri-yay {8/19}


Hello Friday! I’m off to D.C. to visit my dearest friend, Kathryn, but I am popping in for some Friday favorites. Any recommendations for things I should see/do in D.C.? I lived there for a semester in college, but haven’t visited in several years. Send some recommendations my way!

|1| All I want in my life are these sneakers. Which is shocking, because I really am not a sneaker person. Maybe its my recent injury episode, I don’t know, but I’m obsessed with sneakers. I purchased these black Nikes at Nordstrom Rack 2 weeks ago, and I am wearing them non-stop.

|2| Long-distance friends. Kathryn and I have been friends since 2008, but we’ve only living in the same state for 4 months of our friendship. In the last 8 years, we have lived in: Georgia, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, D.C., Texas, and Tennessee. Cheers to friendship that goes the distance! 

|3| Sweet treat to bake. Girls weekend tradition? Baking something chocolate and watching a girly movie. This recipe for S’more Bars (vegan & gf) will be on the menu this weekend! If you are in the market for something easy & sweet, try these bars I made this week. I snagged this mix at Target for $1.50 and it is so good! I am stocking up on the mix for chocolate emergencies.

FullSizeRender (2)

|4| Packing Confession. Y’all, it is over 100* in D.C. right now. I am going to be so honest, and tell you that I packed workout clothes to wear during the day. I can’t look cute when its a million degrees out. I just can’t. Makeup probably won’t happen each day until dinner time. Why would I bother?

|5| This home on Style Me Pretty is giving me major home envy. After seeing millions of all white bedrooms on Pinterest, I am in love with the dark green bedrooms. Let’s home AR agrees with me when I take him to the paint store!

Have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for hosting the link-up, April & Heather